Questions You Should Ask Your Professional Wedding Photographer

You might want to note that when looking for a wedding photographer, make sure you ask if the photographer you are interviewing actually took the photos that are posted as samples. Most people assume they are (just like I did!), but some companies have multiple photographers and sometimes they just pick and post the best ones. Or have the photographers carry around the portfolio and show the customers these photos.

So just make sure you ask the Wedding Photographer Seattle for sample of their own photos, I would also ask where the ideas of their photo shots came from….were they specific from the bride (which most brides have some specific shots they want) or did the Wedding Photographer Seattle pick the pose? This will help you know how creative they are and if they are willing to listen to the brides requests.

I would also ask how long they have been taking photos and why they chose the company they are with. How long because you’ll be able to determine how experienced they are.

And why the company because I want to hear why they chose that company…what do they like about it. Plus knowing how the company treats their employees gives you a better idea of how the people enjoy their job. If they enjoy what they do and who they work for they will want to do well for the company and ultimately you as a bride!

I want pictures of both my groom to be and me preparing for the ceremony, I want shots of people not knowing they are getting their picture taken as well as ones that are posed, I want the emotion, laughter and excitement of the day caught in the photos.

I am going to base my decision on the quality, their samples (so I can see what type of pictures they take), and the cost…what do I get for my money. The way you base your decision may or may not be the same.

At Wedding Photographer Seattle I’ve just taken my many hours of research to help other brides out there. So find what works for you and your wedding.