Great Tips on How to Find the Best To Take Good Pictures

composition of photosWedding Photographer Seattle was created to help brides to be by giving tips and helpful ideas in order to plan their special day. Being in the same boat as you, as a bride to be, I felt if my research helped anyone out besides myself that would be great.

What Should I Do For a Wedding Photographer Seattle?

Deciding on a Wedding Photographer Seattle actually started the month after I got engaged even though my wedding date was more than a year away.

My initial thought was to have my niece take the pictures because she is a great amateur photographer and I figured I would save a lot of money. That thought didn’t last long as my niece is in the wedding and would miss some of the major pictures.

I then received an offer from a friend who takes pictures at a reputable department store, but is not specifically a Wedding Photographer Seattle. It didn’t take but a day or so for me to decide that this was not a good fit either. If something went wrong or she didn’t get the pictures I wanted, I didn’t want it to cause problems in our friendship…this is my wedding after all; I don’t want any regrets.

Learn From My Best Friends Wedding

This led me to my search for a Wedding Photographer Seattle in the area providing the quality of service I deserve at the price I can afford. I have talked to many friends and professionals and all say the same “if you’re going to skimp somewhere in your wedding, don’t do it in the photography”.

One of my co-workers who has been married twice explained that in her first wedding she went all out on the photography and got great pictures and video; during her second wedding she chose to use a friend of a friend who not a professional Wedding Photographer Seattle.

She voiced many regrets including: not taking the right pictures and him not capturing her kids. Not only that she did not get to see the emotion from family and friends. Because he is not a professional Wedding Photographer Seattle she is now having issues getting additional copies of her pictures.

If you are considering having a friend or family member take pictures make sure they know exactly what pictures you want at your wedding. Down to the little pictures otherwise you might be sorely disappointed. Don’t assume what you think is important they will consider important as well. Be specific.

Also keep in mind that this person will be “working” during your wedding and will probably not be able to enjoy it as a regular guest would. I know you want to save money, but don’t take away this special memory from someone else either.

I have decided that I want a photojournalistic Wedding Photographer Seattle (they specialize in capturing the moments), I didn’t just want some pictures snapped I wanted to look back and see the process of my wedding that I missed being the bride.

I picked the photojournalist because after doing research that type is best at “catching the moments” not just snapping good pictures. The pictures tell a story about the progression of the days events.