10 Easy Steps to Organising Your Wedding

Marriage is a wonderful milestone in your life and it is important to start this new stage in your life in a good financial state. You have just gotten engaged; and you are now preparing for one of the most important days of your life.

You will find below, 10 easy steps to organising your wedding.

1. Understand the costs of the average wedding, and how to avoid overspending on your wedding. By understanding the most costly items on your weddings list, your attention would be focused on which items create the best savings opportunities

2. Agree on your desired type of wedding with hubby to be

3. Identify source of funds. You will need to identify how you are going to fund your wedding (i.e. with help from parents, or by using your savings etc…).

4. Agree on your budget. Once you have ensured that you have the funds available, you will need to decide on your wedding budget and commit to sticking to it.

5. Set the wedding date. Usually people would set the date before working out how they will get the money to pay for the wedding, but I would advise to first work out your finances first and then set your wedding date.

6. Go through a list of all the wedding items and decide on which ones you will definitely have to purchase, and the ones you will not need to buy or will simply not need (for example, you may choose not to have arrival drinks).

7. Create a checklist or to do list.

8. Purchase items and negotiate on all of them.

9. Plan the wedding day itself

10. Arrange for post-wedding activities (i.e. change of name)

My book “Saving Tips for a Fantastic Wedding” is structured around these 10 steps and goes into detail in terms of what you need to do for each of the steps. The Wedding planning tool, provides support to this process as it includes a full checklist of “to dos” for the bride and one of the groom.